State Constitutions

If there’s one thing that many people forget about, especially those that aren’t politically motivated or educated, is that each of the 50 states in our union has their own constitution.

Each state’s constitution is very similar in design and layout to the Constitution of The United States.  Each one contains a Preamble, Bill of Rights, sections defining government and the duties of each branch.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you browse through:

  1. The whole point of a state constitution is so each state can setup a form of government, pass laws, and ensure a climate that works best for the constitutents of that state.  I have taken the time to download PDFs of as many constitutions as have been made available to me.  States that don’t have them available in PDF, I have provided a link to the state’s site.
  2. Each Constitution linked is the most recent as released by the state.
  3. Since state constitutions are amended from time-to-time, but the main things I focus on are rights and state-wide laws.  I try to keep in line with things that affect people on a national level and things that might affect a majority populace.
  4. The government works for you, not the other way around; your state representatives, senators, and political figures are public servants that are paid for by your tax dollars.

New England

Maine | New Hampshire | Vermont | Massachusetts | Connecticut | Rhode Island


New York | New Jersey | Pennsylvania | Maryland | Delaware

The South

Virginia | Kentucky | North Carolina | South Carolina | Tennessee | Georgia | Florida | Alabama | Louisiana | Texas | Arkansas | Mississippi | West Virginia

The Midwest

Ohio | Indiana | Illinois | Michigan | Wisconsin | North Dakota | South Dakota | Nebraska | Minnesota | Missouri | Kansas |Iowa

The Rockies

Idaho | Montana | Utah | Colorado | Wyoming | Arizona | New Mexico

The West Coast

Washington | California | Oregon | Nevada


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