I suppose if I’m going to have a political blog, I might as well share with folks, my stances on things.


Gun Rights:  The Second Amendment is clear.  Our Founding Fathers’ would not have included a ‘right to bear arms’ in our Constitution if they didn’t want us to be able to protect ourselves when attacked or threatened.  Many states have passed Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws to show their support for citizens’ rights to personally protect themselves.

Abortion:  Contrary to the controversial “Roe vs. Wade” ruling from the SCOTUS, abortion is still murder.  If you ask any medical doctor or OBGYN, they will tell you that medically speaking, life begins at the moment of conception.  The sperm from a man and the egg of a female both contain coded DNA; combined they create life.

Gay Rights/Marriage:  I was born/raised in an environment that had very little prejudice.  While the concept of marriage has always baffled me to no end, if two people, regardless of their preferences in life want to enjoy the privilege that is marriage, I don’t see any reason to stop them.  Over the years, I have met many people who were homosexual or bisexual, and overall, I didn’t view them as any different than anyone else I knew.

Military:  Without our military, we wouldn’t have someone defending our freedoms, nor would we have something fighting for the rights that we who don’t serve, take for granted.  There’s an old saying “Freedom isn’t free”.

Immigration: Those that come to our country with the proper documents, who procure visa’s, who attend college, and finally secure work, are the ones I advocate for.  Immigrants that go through the proper channels, which involves securing paperwork, learning English, respecting our culture and way of life, while eventually going through the naturalization process, are people that I support and would defend.  I have a zero tolerance for illegal immigration; frankly, they are part of what’s bankrupting our nation.

War:  There are currently three ways in which war is acceptable, per the Constitution: (a) Formal declaration by Congress, (b) A direct attack or violation of our nation, and (c) special circumstances which are brought to Congress and approved.  As far as our own troops are concerned: We need them here, defending our own country, its borders, and its security.

Foreign Aid:  Given my limited knowledge of our allies and enemies, it would be very ‘boilerplate’ to say that we should help our allies and not our enemies.  Our allies should understand that we support and stand with them in times of crisis.  We have plenty of people in American that could use all the aid that we send to other nations; we need to be helping ourselves before we help other people.

Other uncategorized opinions:

  • Our national media has failed us in terms of covering the news without a spin or some kind of agenda.  I have seen that independent media has delivered much more accurate and precise coverage than any national media that I have seen.
  • The public school system is in need of serious reform.
  • People need to learn that there are consequences for their actions, and that being ‘bailed out’ of a jam should not be something to lean on.  Going to friends and family is always an option, but never expect that someone will ‘just be there’.
  • I learned at any early age, that if you want something, you need to earn it.  Earning can be as simple as saving up the money for it and purchasing it, or as complicated as working for a company for 30 years to successfully retire.
  • As I am pushing through my 20s, I am learning that there are several methods by which I can be successful:
    • I can acquire a job with a company, do well with that company, accept the paycheck for the work performed, and enjoy my weekends.
    • I can volunteer for a non-profit organization, giving them my time, in exchange for learning about the non-profit and finding a way to make a difference in their life and mission, thereby networking.
    • I can start my own operation, sell a product or service, and spread the word to encourage more people to invest in me, or buy my product.  A super-objective out of that is ‘to build that’, perhaps hire some people and allow them to do well with me, allowing me to compensate them accordingly.  This is the American dream, and that which I am striving for.
  • Government is responsible for the following things in life:
    • Providing a positive business climate that prompt you to start a business, pay taxes, and hire employees.
    • Protecting your rights as an individual and business owner.
    • Not intruding on your personal life unless you do something that would infringe on the rights of someone else, or you violate some law set forth by the charter or constitution.
    • Keeping to a budget that is agreed to in writing.
    • Allowing you access to all public officials as part of your freedom of expression.