For those who have been following awhile, will notice some changes:  AWIP logo, header, and address are all gone.

The official blog name is “MJR2K politics” as implied in the URL.

In case you’re wondering what caused me to change the name:

AWIP was billed as a blog that would stay semi-neutral and features opinions on stories, both political and various current events, from both sides.  I found out that it was getting difficult to stay neutral when ‘the left’ was generating stories of hate, disparagement, and a general ‘lack of progress’.  ‘The right’, on the other hand, is at least making an attempt to deal with the attacks from ‘the left’, while helping everyone realize that in order to get our country moving in the correct direction FOR forward progress, that we needed to take on conservative principles.

The blog can never remain neutral as long as progress is only occurring on one side, and I suspect that progress will only happen on one side, as long as ‘the left’ continues doing what it’s doing.

As I’ve established through other posts: I am a conservative by ideology, and I’m currently a registered Republican where I live, but that doesn’t mean that I demonize Democrats (I am implying that I would demonize liberals, but it’s a fact that liberals are the ones that do most of the unprovoked attacking).  You have to remember that Democrats and Republicans are simply private political parties that fund-raise and promote their philosophies to their ‘card carrying members’.

If you go to the Facebook Page for this blog, you will notice that I have ‘liked’ sources for both sides: Huffington Post, MSNBC, and CNN for ‘the left’; FOX, The John Birch Society, and RedState for ‘the right’.

As you read through the posts to get an idea of how I write and you like what you see, AND you happen to see an issue that you’d like to see opined on, feel free to share.  Please use the comment threads on each post constructively without attacking people.



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